Monday, May 12, 2014

My review of four Butter Glosses and four Butter Lipsticks from NYX cosmetics. 

Starting off with the Butter Lipsticks, I brought four shades and they are the lipstick version of the glosses.

Starting from the darkest to the lightest, I brought Licorice, Sweet Tart, Taffy & Hubba Bubba.
Each are very pigmented & have a creamy texture that applies nicely to the lips, however the light shades can be sheer which is expected like most lipsticks with creamy texture.

You can use with an lip liner if you desire so, I found it helps the longevity of the butter lipstick but had so much trouble matching them.

Swatch on my hand in natural lighting

First up,

  Hubba Bubba

A baby pink lipstick that applies sheer at first but can be build up to improve intensity.
As you can see on my lips, it completely washes me out so it's not for me unless I'm after the whole dead corpse look. 
The only issue I have with this shade is the quality of it, it's not like the other three I own and tried, I feel that this is more creamier & not at all easy to maintain. 


a light rose pink shade.
One of my favorite out of this collection and purely because I like to combine it with butter gloss but it is still pretty on its own. Applies just as good as the swatch on my hand, creamy & long lasting with a nude pencil underneath. 

Sweet Tart

a darker rose pink with hit of hot pink 
This was my first one I brought and I absolutely loved it so I wore it out immediately but then I discovered the dreaded lined lips effect after it had faded away. 
As much as I love this shade, I always apply a near hot pink liner underneath in order to prevent the lined lips effect.
I found it to be perfect for an instant 'oomph' in any neutral look so I will definitely keep using it. 


a vampy brown red shade.
Perfect for fall as this lipstick will wowed everyone with your dark side. 

I feel that if I were to attend a masked ball, I'd probably use this especially since it's so ... Sexy!
I found that it fades into a dark pink shade after an hour or so, not that lasting but still a beauty to wear.


Moving onto the lipglosses 

From left to right, Creme Brulee, (Vanilla Cream Pie), Cupcake, Raspberry Tart

Absolutely adore these glosses as they are not your average sticky and hair attracting gloss.
These are pigmented, glossy & doesn't smear like crazy.

Raspberry Tart

 True to its bottle, a vibrant purple that can easily pass as the 2014 colour of the year shade, Radiant Orchid

I am already running low on this shade, that's how much I love wearing it. 
Pair it up with Taffy and it's my holy grail combination. 


A fluro pink shade that is perfect for warmer weather, pop it on with some beachy hairdo & your look will scream Summer. 

These two shades are from the new collection of Butter Glosses and I think they may have reformulated the gloss because I found the new shades lasting a lot longer as well as INTENSE pigmentation. Suppose to smell a bit like their names but I can't smell it, not like that really bothers me, I'm all about the texture and quality AND  I will definitely be picking more of these up in the future. 

Creme Brulee

A peach nude lipgloss, this is from the old collection which just so happened to be my very first purchase from NYX in Target. 
Running low as well as this is my to go to gloss when I'm running out of the house in a hurry. 

Vanilla Cream Pie

A pink nude that shows up better than Creme Brulee,
this is such a cute pink nude gloss, I can't remember a day where I didn't go without it.

My holy grail combination 
Raspberry Tart gloss X Taffy lipstick

For those who live in Australia and NZ, I can definitely say that Target will not be getting the new collection/shades (both gloss & lipsticks) till later on in 2014, around Spring time. Which does mean a bit of a wait but you can easily find these products online which I'll link below.



  1. I love the smell of these! XD
    Awesome Review

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog, agreed with you on the scent. :D


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