Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lust Have It Woman Subscription Box Review

With the hype of subscription boxes on the rise especially in the makeup industry, I took a look at Lust Have It, an Australian owned subscription company aimed for women who seek sample sizes products to try monthly.

'Lust Have It' is a subscription site that provides four different boxes to subscribe with the occasional special edition box. You have the classic box which is the Women's box (variety of hair care, skincare & cosmetics), the Eco box (full of nature's best beauty & skincare), the Fab box (cosmetics and fashion accessories) & a Bridal box (skincare, cosmetics).

I ordered a six month subscription to the Women's box (original Lust have It box) back in December and it is now finishing up with my last box being May. I put some of the best products I've received from Lust Have It as well as my own thoughts on the box.

Starting at $19.95 per a month, you would receive a collection of sample size products ranging from haircare, skincare & cosmetics plus one or two full size products as well as a travel size bag (starting from April 2014). According to the reps of LHI, each box is suppose to receive 5-7 items of items that are hair, face, body, nails/hands & cosmetics.

These products can range from something you can get at your pharmacy/grocery store to a high end brand that you may have never even heard of (which was the case for me).

Brands that I received in my past monthly boxes were Maybelline, AVEDA, ORLY, BioDerma, the Cosmetic Kitchen, Vaseline, Juice Beauty, Pelactiv, Paula's Choice, Simple, Bloom, Klara Cosmetics, Clairol, Mary kay, WotNot, Appelles, Sasy & Savy, Model Co & that's pretty much it excluding two suncream brands.

I really had high hopes when I had first subscribed, mostly because I fell in love with the picture they advertise with (above) and thought I'd get most of those brands on the picture which didn't happen but it's not like I didn't enjoy what I got. In fact, I had a few favourite items and even loved one of the monthly boxes (February).

So right onto my favourite products that I received from

Maybelline Dream Pure BB 8 in 1 BB Cream in Light

I originally received the original Maybelline BB cream but gave it away since it was medium but they did provide the January box with a sample of this which I found to be a delight when I'm in a rush. Was perfect for Summer & I'm looking forward to using it again later on in the warmer season.

 AVEDA hair oil

This smells ridiculously florally, definitely not lavender which is good for me but smells like chamomile, it definitely put some shine back into my hair and created less frizz.

BioDerma Atoderm Creme

This is an absolute blessing especially in the windy season, I found it restore my skin to a nice soft  & radiant look. I even paired it with my foundation & discovered that it doesn't flake as quickly as other moisturizers has done so in the past which is a major plus for me. Warning though, this does make your skin look oily so I suggest you powder your t-zone lightly to reduce the appearance of oily skin. 

Vaseline Healthy Radiance Ultimate 10

I'm not sure why I like this product so much but it definitely helps reduce wrinkles, yes I know. I'm only 23 and already whining about wrinkles but I only use this on my forehead where I tend to frown/squint from sunlight because there is a crease that will form under my makeup so this is a good thing to use. I also found that it's a good start towards age care.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, Sensitive

I ADORE this peel! Hands down, made a difference to my complexion & reduce those pesky red blemish spots on my cheeks. 
At first, I was skeptical of the title 'sensitive' so I just dab some on the areas of my face where I wouldn't get a reaction (jaw line, chin) and it does smell a little funky but in a nice way. I used this for over three weeks (only using small amount) and within five days, noticed my skin clearing up & looking brighter.

Definitely checking out other products by the line & repurchasing this peel.

Pelactiv Hydrating Cream Cleanser

One of my first products from LHI & it instantly became my HG for cleanse skin.
Once again, it brighten my skin & reduce appearance of blemish spots. I just wish I had discovered this sooner! 

The Cosmetic Kitchen Blush Brush

I actually needed a new blush brush after my dogs went through a few of my personal brushes & this is genuinely a nice brush. Not harsh or too dense, just right for those who don't want to apply too much pressure. 

Evodia Australia Lemon Sorbet Hand Cream

I love love LOVE this cream. It nourish my hands & cuticles while smelling delicious! 

So there we have it, my top products that I received from Lust Have It Women's Box.

Now for some low downs.

Average, I had maybe one or two boxes that were seriously delayed but still showed up within the month excluding April (there was so much hassle with that month)

Fast response & answered everything question I asked. The facebook page is also convenient especially if you're wondering when's the next box is dispatch.


I will not be resubscribing as I found it to be a bit wasteful on myself & ended up handing most products over to friends & family. 



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