Thursday, May 22, 2014

Natio Mineral Face Illuminator Review

Natio Mineral Face Illuminator

"Sheer, light-as-silk highlighting powder to instantly warm, lift and brighten. "

Browsing through Priceline, trying to find something to splurge my points on, I came across this pretty thing. 
Natio Illuminator pressed powder, so gorgeous and the swatches were perfect. 

Retail price: $17.95AUD

left swatch is the pink shade & the right is the white shade.

I found that the pink would work for any undertone but the white is more subtle with the sheen/shimmer and can be used everyday. Immediately pleased with how the white gold shade turn out, I brought it & could not wait to get home to use it. 

I used it in three applications before noticing something odd, a faint chemical smell waft through & the edge of the powder pan, the pink shade had crumbled a bit but I took no notice of it & just tip out the broken bits before laying it flat again.

This happens. 

I swear I didn't drop it, I just went to tap my brush on the flower part & it just crumbled.
I have no idea how to save this without mixing the two shades together which isn't what I want and I'm not sure if I want the smell to follow either. If you smelt off mascara before, this is what my powder now smells like. 
Something went down with the formula of this and it's such a shame because this is truly a great highlighter. 

Let me know in the comments if you ever experience anything like this or know how to fix this without mixing?
UPDATE: I actually managed to fix it by separating the two shades, not a total loss but I do wish I could had made it work by pressing them half & half in the compact container without it becoming messy. 
Here's the new swatch & look of the two individual powders. The only difference is the pink highlighter is now more creamier than it was but it doesn't bother me. 

Annie D, oxo


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