Saturday, November 30, 2013

Facial wipes reviews!

Yup! I'm going to talk about facial wipes that varies between purposes, so let's hop to it!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Naked Palette Dupe!

Yup! On Australian and New Zealand shores, there is a brand called Chi Chi which has lately picked up its game with today marketing. I was browsing in Target for NYX (now available in most Target stores & online) when I stumbled across their new palettes. 

Here is the 'Nudes' palette! 

Now, I already own a Naked palette so there's no need for another palette for me but I did do some swatches on my cousin who is fair cool tone with a hint of Summer tan. 
As you can see, the pigments are rather good but you can definitely see that Chi Chi palette isn't as glittery & bold as Urban Decay Naked palette. Except for those first four shades from the right (where her wrist is), they are pigmented but it's hard to see from this photo. Personally, these photos don't do any justice to what we saw in person.

However! For the price of $22.95 (AU), it's a pretty damn good deal when you can't buy Urban Decay. It's even in the same order as the Naked palette. 

There is an issue with two of the shadows in this palette, the texture isn't as smooth when I went to swatch it with a finger tip. The dupe for 'gun metal' & 'hustle' are prone to fallout in chunks so go light and layer them if you're using it with a brush.

They blend quite well, I can't say much on longevity since I only did swatches. I will say that when I did the swatches, I didn't use any primer so they definitely do show up quite well. 

I have my eyes on the 'Classics' & 'Basics' palettes as they are both great for just a neutral look, nothing outrageous bold from them. You can see behind my cousin's arm, there are obviously palettes with colours that are bold if you dig them. I did loved the darkest purple shadow in the 'Sultry' palette. 

With Flash: 

Without Flash: 

If you want to know any further details, feel free to contact me. 

Oxo, Annie