About Me

Hi, I'm Annie and welcome to my blog.

On this blog, you will get tutorials, hauls, beauty tips and recommendation/reviews.

Like several other womens and mens, I love to toy with cosmetics and beauty products. What suits me, what doesn't, does that work and so on.

I've only gotten more serious with make up back in high school but had no idea what I should start off with, so I built my collection of eyeliners that were bold and colourful, unfortunately I never really worn any of them which was a waste of money but looking back, it was because I was never truly comfortable with make up. It wasn't until my senior year of high school that I really started to wear make up like mascara and foundation. I took the easy path of powder foundation and drugstore mascara like Covergirl.

I did spend a couple of years toying with special effect make up, I love the whole fake blood and face painting thing & often would mimic what I saw in movies.

It wasn't until I took a course on make up that I felt more comfortable going all the way with cosmetics. Now, I know what would work for my hooded eyes, what under tone I am, how I should wear blush and how to really create a gruesome zombie look.

I graduated with a diploma of specialised make up service, became a freelance artist and now I am on the journey of sharing my knowledge with others while helping them.