Friday, April 25, 2014

Top Five Choices For Blush

These five blushes are some of the best blushes I've come across and definitely recommend them to any die hard blush lovers out there.

  • Ben Nye - Blushing Bride
This is pretty much my holy grail blush, I use it on clients & myself on a daily basis because it's such a compatible blush to work with, especially since it's such a natural looking blush. 

Easy to build up, can mix with other shades, blendable and just all round, a great blush.

Suitable for fair-medium tan

  • Revlon Cream Blush - Pinched (no swatch available)
Love cream blush, especially when I'm just after a subtle everyday look (I'm talking BB cream type of day with no heavy make up). 

This is such a good product because it's easier to whip this out of your bag & apply on the go instead of grabbing a powder blush with a brush, sweeping, getting rid of excess and then applying. 

You can also apply to your lips as a tint
Only issue I have is longevity but overall, I give this a 4 out of 5 star (not including the rather pricy cost). 

Suitable for fair-medium tan

  • ELF - Candid Coral
One of my first ELF purchase and a summer favourite. A coral pink with a slight gold sheen blush that is super affordable. It has a creamy like texture when swatching but applies a bit powdery. My advice is to start off light and build it up, also avoid bronzer with a lot of glitter or shimmer. 

Suitable for warm, yellow undertone

  • La Femme - Fuschia 
This brand's blush is well known for being extremely pigmented and that is exactly why this is in my top 5. 
A true Fuschia pink blush that doesn't require much from the pan, I definitely recommend this to anyone who digs strong pigmented blushes. 

I have this as well as other shades in my kit and everytime someone takes a peep among my collection, they are ALWAYS shocked by how pigmented and vibrant La Femme blushes are. 

This shade can work on most skin tone, especially darker tones (medium to dark). Plus the price! The brand itself, is very affordable with blushes from $5.95 through Crush Cosmetics (Australian site). 

For cheaper prices, check international sites such as Camera Ready Cosmetics (US) which sell these babies as low as $3.01

Suitable for light-dark

  • Benefit - Benetint (no swatch available)
One of the trending blushes in the industry, this blush is certainly different. 
Designed in a bottle that's like a nail polish including the brush, this stuff is super pigmented and a little goes a long way. 

It is a red tint that can go onto lips and cheeks, very easy to build the intensity as well. You can either dabble a bit straight onto your face or do what I did which was apply to the back of my hand and then stippling it with my finger onto my face. 

After finishing my sample size bottle, I have yet to buy the full size version due to the rather hefty price tag ($50 a bottle!) but I can definitely say that I miss this product so much because it's was super easy to apply to the lips & cheeks without causing a mess. 

I'm currently in a process of finding dupes of this product but for now, I am just going to have to put it on my wishlist with all of my other expensive products that I'm dying to buy. 

Suitable for fair-dark

SWATCHES (in order):

Blushing Bride, Candid Coral & Fuschia

-with flash-                                                                        -without flash-



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