Monday, August 26, 2013

Green hair!

Yep, I went ahead and completely dyed my hair green with Manic Panic hair dye in 'Enchanted Forest' which is this beautiful green/teal shade.

Unfortunately, I kind of ran out as I reached the top of my hair. So now, it's the first thing that'll fade unless I can get some tomorrow afternoon if they got any left. 

I didn't bleach my roots though which are naturally a mousy blonde shade but that's only because I didn't like how 'Enchanted Forest' turned out after trying it on a bleach spot behind my left ear. \

It looks a bit muddy really, the only good parts are the tips and that wicked streak behind my left ear after double dying it.

Dying process
How it would look under sunlight

Eyeliner to match the hair

How I'd prefer it to look.

Disclaimer: All photos taken and are a property of  'AnnieDmua'  



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