Monday, August 25, 2014

"Problem skin? Need a quick fix? Here's the solution - Wonder masks packed with hero ingredients to effortlessly and efficiently banish everyday skin issues"

As the end of Winter draws closer and closer, my skin is in desperate need of an exfoliating skin treatment. Especially since Summer is coming and we all feel like wearing less makeup. 

I found this product at my local Woolworths for a good deal - 
Brought it home and now I'm sitting in my bathroom, allowing this product to work its magic. At first, I felt like this product was too harsh for my skin as I massaged it onto problematic areas, as instructed and now it's resting on my skin for a few minutes, slight tightening sensation but no irritation. 

Some of the ingredients are Shea Butter, pomegranate extract, Glycolic acid & pink rose clay.


Eventually it dries up into a cakey like finish & rinsing it off, I could feel a light film on the skin before washing it more throughly. 

It says you can get ten facials out of one tube but I think you can get more if it only use it sparsely (once a fortnight or so). 

Texture: grainy 
Scent: not as pleasant as LUSH facial masks, that's for sure. 

Skin irritation: a slight mild irritation from exfoliating but nothing too extreme as long as you don't apply another application for a while. 
 Somewhat clean but didn't quite get rid of my acne dry patches. Definitely got rid of this blackhead that has been bugging me though. 
Tip: Definitely put a heavy duty moisturizer on afterward as this can strip your natural oil. 




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