Thursday, April 10, 2014

Update on life post

Apologies for not posting pretty much anything since my last post. Life has been up and down, things are only just settling down again & I'm trying to really push things into order.

So first up, I am making a vow to myself and this blog; Start posting more. Whether it's a review, a recommendation or just a tutorial, I'm going to upload it weekly. I am also uploading to youtube if you wish to check it out. You can find me under AnnieDmua, same spelling and title as this blog.

I'm just getting into filming and it's not as easy as I thought it would be especially since I have no good lighting where I am currently set up unless I get filming at a certain time of day. Fear not, I am looking into some lightings to improve that especially since Winter is upon us in Australia which means less sunny days & more cloudy ones.

I'm pushing myself to film at least once a week no matter what the topic is. Not just for you guys but for myself as well. So be on a lookout for daily videos.

That's all I have to say and I hope I acheive my daily goals like this.

Annie, oxo.



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