Friday, September 27, 2013

Hello, hello! I'm back with a special effect post for you guys but cautious as it is rather grotesque, click more to see the photos.

Using my fabulous friend as my model, we endured almost 4 hours of application time. Word of advice, avoid latex if you can get gelatine. It'll speed things up as well as create small blisters.
I did roughly 3 layers of latex over her shoulders and across her chest, as well as applied half of a bald cap to show burnt scalp AND not only did I use that, I also went up another notch by adding shattered pieces of glass over her body to fit her scenario.

Scenario: Set in 1941 during WWII, a young nurse is walking towards the hospital corridor towards intensive care ward to begin her shift. Suddenly she hears planes in the distance as she glanced towards the windows before picking up her pace towards the ward. Hearing explosions outside, she felt the hospital foundation shake and as another bomb dropped, that force of the bomb knocked her to the ground with blistering skin from the fire that shattered the windows in the corridor, she is killed instantly from severe trauma to the head (blood dripping from ears, nose, eyes & mouth)

I did wanted to add a nurse cap to really show that she's a nurse but I chose to skip it due to short notice.
I did however scorched the shirt and made the skirt from a pillow case.
For those who are curious about whether it's real glass or not, it's actually clear toffee! Yep, I made toffee out of sugar, water and vinegar, set it on a flat surface then smashed it into bits.

Hope you guys enjoy this piece, if you want to know more about this look, leave a comment below.

- Signing off,

Annie D, oxo



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